How do you fix a squeaky double bass?

Something as simple as a little bit of silicone spray may do the trick unless it’s the bearings in the pedal going out.

Why is my kick drum pedal squeaking?

You probably want to clean the area before lubricating it too because dirt and grime will make it stick too even if there is no rust. I suppose it’s also conceivable that misshapen or bent parts on cheap quality pedals can make it squeak too, but it’s more likely the lubrication thing.

How do you clean a DW 9000 pedal?

You need to use only a lubricant or just blow off the crud and don’t worry about it unless the hinge is not moving freely. Loosening those screws, you should use the biggest Phillips head screwdriver that will fit the screw.

How do you clean a drum pedal chain?

Re: Question About Bass Drum Chains Coil the chain up and stir it around in the fluid for a while. Then soak it overnight. Wipe off the excess fluid and the chain will be clean, rust free, and lubed.

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