What is the scale length of an upright bass?

close to all upright basses are a 3/4 size (because full sizes are ridiculously huge) and have a 41″ scale length.

What is the scale length of a 3/4 upright bass?

Sizing – some examples

All measurements are in inches 3/4
B – Body Height – bottom of body to shoulder 43.7
C – Scale Length – Nut to bridge, aka playable length 41.3
D – Upper Bout Width 20.3
E – Lower Bout Width 25.6


How is bass scale length measured?

WHAT IS SCALE LENGTH? A guitar’s scale length is calculated by measuring the distance from the front edge of the nut, where it butts against the end of the fingerboard, to the center of the 12th (octave) fret, then doubling that measurement.

Is my bass long scale?

On a modern bass guitar, 30″ (76 cm) or less is considered short scale, standard (also called long ) scale is 34″ (86 cm) for a 4-string and 35″ (89 cm) for a B-E-A-D-G 5-string, and extra- long scale basses of 36″ (91 cm) also exist. P.S. You might want to watch this for a neat tip on fitting bass strings.

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How do you know what size double bass to buy?

A general rule for children is to choose a bass one size smaller than usual violin size for age. A smaller bass will have a shorter string length. So if the child’s hand is small, a smaller size bass would be a better fit. A smaller instrument is MUCH easier to play because of the shorter string length.

How big is a half size double bass?

Size Overall Lenght A Bridge to Back F
1/2 167 43
3/4 186 45
4/4 197 47
(Standard sizes in inches)


What is a 3/4 scale bass?

A standard size electric bass is 34″ and short scale is usually 30″. a 3/4 electric bass would (ia ssume) be around 25.5″ which is guitar scale. If your talking about upright basses, a 3/4 scale is the standard size.

Does scale length affect tone?

NO, REALLY, SCALE LENGTH HAS A MAJOR IMPACT ON TONE When we talk about the overtones affected by scale length, we mean all the harmonic elements that make up the sound of any note, not just the harmonic nodes (or “natural harmonics”) you play by lightly touching a string above the 5th, 7th, or 12th fret.

What is a 3/4 Bass?

3/4 upright basses are by far the most common and popular size upright bass. A bass that has a back 43″, upper bouts only 19″ apart, but has a long neck (say 44″ long string length) could easily be put into both the 3/4 category or 7/8 depending on which measurement we’re looking at.

How big is a short scale bass?

As we said at the beginning, short scale bass guitars typically sit in the middle. Boasting scale lengths that measure at around 30”, these instruments have a considerably shorter feel than most bass guitars.

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Can I use long scale strings on a short scale bass?

Yes, you could tune a long scale string on a short scale bass and have EADG, but the string will not produce the TONE that string was intended to make because it is not the right length.

What length is a short scale bass?

On a modern bass guitar, 30″ (76 cm) or less is considered short scale, standard (also called long) scale is 34″ (86 cm) for a 4-string and 35″ (89 cm) for a B-E-A-D-G 5-string, and extra-long scale basses of 36″ (91 cm) also exist.

Should I start on a short scale bass?

Yes! Contrary to what others have said there is nothing wrong with using a short scale bass as your main bass. They are great for beginners and experts alike. They sound a little different than long scale basses but every bass sounds a little different from each other so that’s not a big deal.

How do I know if I have a short scale bass?

On a short – scale bass the strings are under less tension, so they have a looser, slightly “floppy” feel, which also impacts the instrument’s attack, sustain, and dynamics.

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