What cars can fit a double bass?

Five Economical Cars You Can Fit a Double Bass Into

  • The Honda Fit. The Honda Fit is a small compact car with a nice hatchback included for the bass to get in the back with.
  • The Hyundai Elantra Hatchback.
  • The Ford Fiesta Hatchback.
  • The Toyota Matrix.
  • The Mazda 2.
  • 10 Common Power Steering System Problems.

How do you transport a double bass?

The cases have handles and shoulder straps and each bassist tends to have a different way of carrying their instrument. A bass can fit in most cars if the back seat is down, although the neck will go in between the front two seats.

Can a double bass fit in a sedan?

You can fit the bass in the car with the back right seat folded down and the neck sits right up the middle bet the front driver and passenger seat. I can fit my bass, my amp, my stool and the driver, front passenger and rear passenger. Great gas mileage, low maintenance.

How do you carry an upright bass?

Correct Methods For Carrying an Upright Bass

  1. Make sure the bass is the correct size for you.
  2. Invest in a high-quality case.
  3. Look for wheeled bass accessories.
  4. Switch up the method.
  5. Put it on the hip.
  6. Use healthy lifting techniques.
  7. Never carry it from the neck/scroll, f-holes, or the end of the fingerboard.
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Can an upright bass fit in a car?

A 7/8 bass fit in there without moving the front seats. Great driving car, VERY easy on gas (38-45 MPG), easy to park. Don’t be afraid to take a bass to the car dealership to check the load before taking a test drive.

Is the upright bass hard to learn?

Is it impossible or too difficult to learn they ask? The answer is absolutely NOT! In fact, in some ways, it is easier to start on the upright than on the electric bass. (Electric bass, with it’s fretboard simply laid out and accessible first gives the impression that it is all there for the taking

How much does it cost to ship an upright bass?

How much does it usually cost? The shipping to most continental US cities is no more than $100. Basses come fully insured and again, it is quick (usually over night), easy and proving to be the safest way to ship.

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