What part of your thumb do you slap the bass?

In the slap technique, the bassist replaces the usual plucking motion of the index and middle fingers with ” slaps ” and “pops”. In the slap, the bassist uses the thumb to strike the strings (usually the lower E and A strings) near the base of the bass’s neck.

How do you slap while plucking?

You hit the string FAST with the side of your thumb, using the bone right above the joint, and quickly bringing it back. The “ slap ” sound comes from the string bouncing off the fretboard. If you don’t bring your thumb back, you just mush the string down, and you don’t get a good sound.

Does John Mayer use his thumb?

John Mayer, whose freakishly large thumbs seem to spill over onto the fretboard on every other note, puts his lengthy thumbs to amazing use doing everything from slapping, thumping, fretting chord tones and even fretting moving basslines.

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