What is the best lure for white bass?

White Bass Lures White and clear shades are good most of the time, with chartreuse being popular when visibility is low. Two popular lures are shown below – the “slab” type lure, which can be jigged or cast and retrieved, and the plastic grub on a jig head. Spinners and crankbaits will also work well.

Are white bass any good to eat?

In short, Yes, White Bass are good to eat. But, some people don’t like the taste unless it’s prepared the right way. White Bass can have parts that you should remove if you want a milder flavor. But overall, It’s a great food fish and excellent for a fish fry.

How long does the white bass run last?

“They seem to come up in waves, and this best fishing lasts 2-3 weeks. When you hit ’em right, it’s no trouble to catch the limit (in Tennessee, 30 white bass ). Average size will be 1 1/2 pounds, and there’ll be several over 2 pounds.

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What is the best time to catch white bass?

Pre-Summer (May) Excellent Fishing in tributaries during a white bass spawning run is undoubtedly the best time to catch them. They will hit just about anything flashy including jigs tipped with plastic tails, spoons, spinners and live minnows.

How fast do you troll for white bass?


What’s the best way to catch white bass?

A fun way to catch white bass during summer is to cast small topwater baits to surface activity. Small spoons, spinners, and jigs work well, too, for active fish that are on the move chasing bait, but relatively close to the surface.

What hooks to use for flukes?

Wide gap hooks are most often associated and most popular with summer flounder anglers. At retailers, these hooks are often called fluke hooks. The wide gap hook is like the J hook but the bend is longer creating a wide gap between the shank and the point.

What is the best bait for fluke?

When it comes to bait, the favorite choice for fishing fluke among anglers universally is squid, either fresh or frozen. Depending on your preference, you may want to cut it into strips or use the whole squid. Other popular choices for fishing fluke are sand eels, killifish, fluke belly, and even minnows.

Can you catch white bass at night?

Fishing for White Bass at night is a lot of fun, it is peaceful, highly enjoyable and an exciting time to catch them, especially when daily temperatures and humidity are high or there is a lot of human activity during the daytime.

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What do you catch white bass on?

White Bass Lures White bass feed on minnows, so, using baits that mimic small minnows rigged on light spinning tackle usually works best.

What is the best bait for sand bass?

Like kelpies and spotties, the sand bass is usually caught on the bottom with light tackle. Best bait is live anchovies or smelt followed by strip bait, ghost shrimp, bloodworms, or fresh mussels. They’ll often hit artificial lures like swimbaits.

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