How do you put a double bass next to Hi Hat?

The traditional setup is to attach the primary pedal to the bass drum as you would a single pedal and to place the second, slave pedal just to the right of the hi hat stand’s pedal board.

How do you set up a drum set with two bass drums?

Method 1: Mount two toms on each bass drum using your hardware. Method 2: Mount one tom on each bass drum and mount up to two additional toms on a stand in between the bass drums. Method 3: Mount as many toms as you want on a rack placed in front of the kit. Attach your other desired cymbals to their stands.

How does a double kick pedal work?

In order to play “doubles” on the pedal, drummers can employ 3 main techniques: slide, swivel, or heel-toe. In the slide technique, the pedal is struck around the middle area with the ball of the foot. As the drum produces a sound, the toe is slid up the pedal.

Why does my hi hat sound bad?

If you push too hard on your hi – hat foot pedal, you will choke the cymbals, and this is a sure way to make even the best cymbals sound average. If there is too much separation between the two, you only get the high-pitched and somewhat piercing sound of the top cymbal.

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How high should my hi hat be?

Your hi – hat cymbal should be 6″-12″ above the playing surface of the snare drum. You should be able to strike the flat playing surface or edge of the hi – hat cymbal without hitting the snare drum. Be aware that moving the hi – hat stand will alter the symmetry of the tripod forming the foundation of your posture.

Where should hi hats be placed?

The best place for the Hi – Hat pedal is right where the foot that is playing it will naturally land while sitting forward with the Snare drum centered on the torso and the Kick drum positioned as previously mentioned.

How should a drum set be set up?

Most drum sets have two types of toms: floor toms and mounted toms. Your floor toms should be set so it is roughly the same height as your snare drum, while your mounted tom (or toms) should be set up at a slight angle towards you. The arrangement of your toms can be changed to make it easier to play.

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