How do I stop my double bass from moving?

How To Keep Bass Drum Pedals From Sliding

  1. There is no greater frustration for drummers than having your bass drum pedal or hi-hat slide away from you while playing.
  2. Let’s fix that!
  3. In my experience, velcro on the bottom of your pedals placed onto a carpet surface is going to be the best way to ensure your gear doesn’t slide around.

Why is my bass drum moving?

Kick Drum Anchor Solutions: Stop Your Bass Drum From Sliding Forward. It could be for many reasons: you aren’t using a drum rug, your bass drum spurs aren’t setup properly, your kick pedal isn’t attached and seated well to the kick drum, and/or many other reasons.

How do you adjust a DW 9000 double pedal?

9000 DW Bass Drum Pedals include built-in adjustable spurs and non-skid Rubber Grip™ on the bottom of the pedal plates to prevent bass drum crawl. To adjust the spurs, simply turn the knurled portion clockwise for more skid control or counter-clockwise for less.

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