Are there frets on a double bass?

A modern double bass is derived both from the violin, and from the Viola da Gamba, which was actually a family of vaguely violin-ish instruments. The new violin style fingerboards didn’t need frets any more.

Where are the frets on a stand up bass?

Frets are approximately right everywhere but exactly right only on the note you tune to. So usually, depending on the key one is playing in, one plays the notes that are harmonically perfect (at least this is the goal mostly) on a fret -less instrument.

Where are the notes on an upright bass?

The upright bass is tuned in fourths: E, A, D, G, like the lowest four strings of a guitar, but an octave lower (this makes it the odd man out in the orchestra string section, where the other instruments are tuned in fifths).

Can you slap on a fretless bass?

Some playing styles don’t work well on fretless bass. On a lot of fretless basses it is difficult to get a good slap bass tone. ( Slap bass is a percussive style of bass playing done by slapping the strings.) Tapping is a bit more challenging.

What is a 3/4 double bass?

3/4 size is recognized as a regular size bass. There are also double basses that have 5 strings with a low C to make it easier for the player to play notes lower than the low E.

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How hard is it to play a fretless bass?

Players who are keen to take the plunge into the fretless world will probably ponder this question the most: “is it hard to play a fretless bass?” Ultimately, the answer is no. All it takes is some slight adjustment to your playing technique, and of course practice, in order to become proficient on a fretless bass.

What is second position on bass?

2nd Position for the Key of C Major on bass Notes on the third fret are played with the second finger, notes on the fourth fret with the third finger, and notes on the fifth fret with the fourth finger. Learn where the roots are in each position, and learn to hear which note you are on in a Major Key as you play it.

Where do you tape a violin on a fingerboard?

To attach the tape, put your violin safely on a table. Starting under the strings and near the bridge, slip the tape, sticky side facing down toward the fingerboard, between the strings and the fingerboard, sliding it toward your pencil mark and then pressing it down when it is properly aligned.

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