How do you fix a squeaky bass drum?

Just use your hand to move the pedal and not hit the drum to narrow it down. Once you figure that out, then take apart, clean and lubricate with the white lithium grease or your other favorite metal lubricant.

How do you clean a bass drum?

The most important thing in cleaning any drum is to use a cleaner that will not scratch or degrade the finish. You can use a damp cloth to remove dirt and then use a dry clean micro cloth to polish the drum. The micro cloth also works well on hardware. Alternately, you can use a cleaner specifically make for drums.

How do you clean a DW 9000 pedal?

You need to use only a lubricant or just blow off the crud and don’t worry about it unless the hinge is not moving freely. Loosening those screws, you should use the biggest Phillips head screwdriver that will fit the screw.

How far should the beater be from the bass drum?

I’d recommend starting by placing your bass drum pedal into position (there’s usually a slot under your bass drum. Then measure a distance of about 3 inch (about 8 cm) or have your beater set at an angle that’s about 45°.

What is in lithium grease?

Lithium grease Lubricating greases are commonly formulated as mixtures of an oil and a lithium soap thickener. Some formulations include PTFE or other substances, such as molybdenum disulfide.

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