How do I make my bass sound better in Ableton?

The easiest way to get a playable sine wave oscillator in Ableton Live, is to use the built-in synth “Operator”. It’s a very simple but effective synth that will give you a sine wave right at the start-up. Copy and paste your bass notes to the channel containing your sine sub- bass. Then listen.

How do I make my bass more punchy?

A punchy tone rarely uses anything below 100Hz. You should start with a flat EQ and only add what you need. Keep the lows at moderate levels. Most bassists love to boost the low end but this can be the exact reason why your bass sounds muddy.

What is the deep bass?

Deep bass refers to the audio bandwidth between 16-80Hz. Deep bass adds excitement, impact and fun to a listening experience and energizes a room so you can feel an explosion, musical note or other sound effect, bringing home theater to life in a visceral way.

How many dB should Bass be?

Typically, without tons of compression the kick and bass and vocals should be hitting very close to 0dbFS. The snare about -3 to -6dbFS.

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