How long do double bass strings last?

For the double bassists: You can breathe easily: your strings don’t need replacing nearly as often as your counterparts do. Some string manufacturers recommend every 1-2 years, but there are bassists out there that swear to changing every 4-5 years.

How often should I replace my bass strings?

So to summarize: Change your Electric / Acoustic uncoated strings at least every 2 months. Change your coated Electric / Acoustic strings at least every 6 months. Change your Bass guitar strings at least once a year.

Should I change the strings on a new bass?

You will find a new set of bass strings to have a very bright sound. They will have a lot of “zing” to them. So give your new strings a few days and don’t change them just before a gig if you don’t know what to expect.

Why are double bass strings so expensive?

Bass strings are more expensive because they’re made from Unicorn hair, dipped in Platinum, polished by fairies, and blessed by the funky monks of the Sacred Temple of Jaco.

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What are the best upright bass strings?

Best Double Bass Strings

Bass String Style Price
1. Pirastro Permanent Orchestra $252.99
2. Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Jazz/Bluegrass $239.94
3. Pirastro Flexocor Deluxe Orchestra $286.71
4. Thomastik “Spirocore Weich” Jazz/Orchestra $252.47


How do I know if my bass strings are dead?

When they get old, you’ll also notice a pronounced lack of sustain and they will sound extremely dull. Many bass players describe the sound of dead bass strings as muffled or muddy. They look funky. Another telltale sign of strings gone bad is rust, dark spots, or other discolorations along the length of them.

How much does it cost to replace bass strings?

Our standard prices for installing a new set of strings is as follows: 6- String Guitar: $25 plus cost of strings. 4- String Bass: $25 plus cost of strings. 5- String Bass: $25 plus cost of strings.

What do you clean bass strings with?

By far the best method to clean bass strings is to soak them in denatured alcohol. You will be amazed at how well cleaning your bass strings this way works. In some parts of the world denatured alcohol is called methylated spirits.

How do you clean rosin off double bass strings?

The most effective way to take rosin off of strings is to soak a cheese cloth in a little bit of nail polish remover. Afterwards, take the cloth and rub it against the string. The rosin should come off momentarily. Get a new cheese cloth when you see that the used one has become dirty or is ripping.

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How do you maintain bass strings?

Use a lint-free cloth and wipe down the fretboard, strings, and then the body of the instrument. Get in the habit of doing this after every practice or gig! A few moments of care will remove dirt, oils, and those grubby dead skin cells that would otherwise build up all over the instrument.

Do bass strings make a difference?

Bass guitars are designed to give you deep lows that help drive the music. A bass’s strings can make a big difference in the tone of your bass. Some strings are brighter and deliver a punchier tone that is ideal for rock, country, pop, and more. Strings are an important part of finding the perfect bass sound.

Can you save bass strings?

As long as the tension is correct for each tuning and stuff, your bass will be fine. That’s perfectly fine, though you may find your strings much less bright sounding as compared to putting on a new set rather than reinstalling an old one.

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