How do you make your bass have more punches?

Re: How do I give the bass more punch and power?

  1. Gain staging.
  2. Counter-intuitively turn down the bass.
  3. EQ, also not on the fundamental region.
  4. Compression (Gentle!)
  5. Buss compression with the side-chain filtering out the bass.
  6. Parallel Compression.
  7. Make sub region mono as early in the signal path as possible.

How do you mix double bass?

Use EQ to give each its own space. Cut the 40-100 range in one track, and cut the 100-200 range in the other track. I typically give the kick the lowest frequencies, and the bass the higher frequencies in this range. But you can try both in each mix, and just choose whatever feels best.

How do you tighten bass in a mix?

Multi-band compression By compressing the lowest band (20Hz – 200 Hz) more than the rest, you can effectively create a tighter bass sound. Try this out on just the bass track or the entire mix – but be careful not to over compress or you’ll lose all of the energy in your track.

What is the frequency range of a double bass?

The Double Bass The standard double bass has four strings and a range from E just over an octave below the bass staff, upwards for nearly three octaves, although some instruments may have five strings in order to extend the range downward. The strings are tuned a fourth apart at E1(41.2 Hz), A1, D2, G2(98 Hz).

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Should I compress my bass?

Compression will make the bass sound more even and consistent. By turning down louder notes in a performance, it will help each note play back at a more equal level. This will add solidity to the bass and help it sit better in the mix.

How much does it cost to compress a bass?

Most bass players use a 2:1 up to 5:1 compression ratio. You really have to listen closely to adjust it. It’s very subtle. At first you might wonder if it’s even on and working!

How do you get a good live bass sound?

We’ll examine specific situations in the coming months, but for now, here are some general ideas to keep in mind.

  1. Volume or low-end – take your pick. In a perfect bass world, you could play as loud as you want with tons of low end, and it would be great.
  2. Cut the subs.
  3. Mids are your friend.
  4. Avoid coupling.
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