What is double thumbing bass?

Double thumbing is a slap technique whereby we slap through the string (rest stroke) with a downstroke before using the upstroke to get an extra note in that single motion.

Is slapping bass hard?

What kind of bass do you have? Some basses, Rickenbackers for an example, are harder to slap on. It’s actually possible to slap on a regular guitar.

What causes double thumb birth defect?

Causes. Thumb duplication is a congenital condition that occurs while a baby is still developing in the womb. In most cases, the disruption of the normal development of the hand or hands occurs without a specific cause.

Can you slap on AP bass?

The rest of the bass is essentially identical to a J or MM or anything else – you can slap whatever you want. Ignoring tone, the P slaps just as well as any other bass.

Why can’t I slap bass?

In my experience slapping sometimes doesn’t work on a bass because the action is too low, or maybe there’s not enough room between the strings and pickups for the string to move enough to get a tone. OK let’s be clear on one point. Slapping doesn’t depend upon the pickups or the electronics.

Can you slap a 5 string bass?

it is actually impossible to slap on a five string.

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Why does my bass slap sound bad?

Slapping can sound really bad on old, dead strings. A lot of the slap sound comes from the zing of fresh new strings and when you’re getting started as a beginner bass player, you’re likely to get frustrated that it doesn’t sound like you want it to.

What part of your thumb do you slap the bass?

In the slap technique, the bassist replaces the usual plucking motion of the index and middle fingers with ” slaps ” and “pops”. In the slap, the bassist uses the thumb to strike the strings (usually the lower E and A strings) near the base of the bass’s neck.

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