How do you double a track in FL Studio?

The simplest way is to double the existing vocal track, and then shift the copy slightly in pitch (by a few cents) and/or time (10-20 ms).

Do you double track bass?

This is correct. You do double track, but in a different sense than say double tracked guitars. Bass should normally be in center unless you ‘re aiming for some special effect, which rarely sound appropriate in a cookie-cutter mix. My recipe for bass comes down to two different tracks.

How do you double track a guitar?

Double tracking simply means recording the same part twice and panning each to opposite sides. The guitarist plays a section of the song perfectly, then repeats it as closely as possible on a second track. This creates a wide stereo spread based on the unique nuances in timing and dynamics of each performance.

How do I make my bass deeper?

For deep bass, you’re going to want to use a low-pass filter to cut out the higher frequencies of the bass notes, and then shape it with the filter and amplitude envelopes. Using the low-pass filter cutoff, we cut the higher frequencies out. Next, played with the filter resonance to add some depth and color.

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How do you make good bass?

5 Tips to Make Your Bass Sound Better

  1. Limiting your bass. What?
  2. Saturation and distortion. SATURATION!
  3. Stereo Bass effect. As you probably know, the lower end of your frequency spectrum ( bass and sub- bass ) should be in mono.
  4. High-pass your bass. Using a high-pass filter on your bass is controversial.
  5. Use a sine wave as a sub- bass.

When should you not double track?

No, it’s perfectly fine to not double track. If they really are intricate parts then your bandmate is right that getting 1 good take (as suggested by dusty) with a room mic will be fine. A single guitar shouldn’t sound thin unless you make it sound that way on purpose.

Should you double track vocals?

Double Track Vocals Even If You Don’t Think You ‘ll Use It. If time allows, always tracking a vocal double is a great practice. If time and budget allow, it’s always worth taking a portion of the tracking session to double the vocals.

Do you double track lead guitar?

In theory, double – tracking is simple. Just record Guitar 1 like any other lead part, then turn Guitar 1 all the way to the left (or right). Then, wearing headphones, listen closely to Guitar 1 while recording Guitar 2. That’s it!

Should you double track guitar solos?

Having both double tracked stereo guitars as well as center leads will also make the mix sound big and full. Also, a single guitar tends to sound more “human” than a double tracked guitar which is ideal for solos to convey feel and emotion.

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Should you double track clean guitar?

It’s a stylistic choice, you can if it feels necessary. Double tracking can clutter the sound pretty quickly with clean guitars so use your judgement, it doesn’t hurt to try it and see if you like how it sounds.

Should guitar solos be panned?

Pan the solo guitar off to one side. If the vocalist is doing anything vocally over the solo, pan them to the opposite side. Adding a delay to the solo is a great way to make it sound bigger. If you’ve got the solo guitar panned to the right, then pan the delay to the left.

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