How do you set a double bass sound post?

In the “textbook” position, ideally the sound post is positioned centered behind the G-string foot of the bridge, approximately 12 to 14mm or 1/2″ to 3/4″ away from the backside of the bridge, favoring the tailpiece.

How do you fix a double bass bridge?

The movement is generally slight and can be remedied by carefully pushing the top of the bridge toward the tailpiece until you regain your 90 degree angle between the underside of the bridge and the top of the bass. The feet of the bridge should be flush with the top of the instrument.

How high should the action be on a double bass?

I generally recommend 4-7mm for an easy height. Of course, basses all respond in their own way as so do player’s styles.

What is a sound post on a double bass?

A sound post is a piece of doweling wood often made from seasoned spruce which is held in place, under the tension produced by the strings and the bridge. A peek through the f-holes on the bass and you’ll see the post vertically placed between the front and back of the bass body.

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Where should the sound post be on a bass?

As a general rule, the soundpost is usually centered behind the treble or G foot side of the bridge and placed approximately 2 to 2.8 cm behind the back side of this bridge foot (see diagram). Every instrument reacts differently, so wood type and density of the soundpost will create different results from bass to bass.

Does a cello need a sound post?

Your violin, viola, cello or double bass needs the soundpost to be where it belongs so you can have the best quality tone and responsiveness. Remember it’s the soul of the instrument. It’s also in place as a protection for the spruce top.

What is the Soundpost on a cello?

In a string instrument, the sound post or soundpost is a dowel inside the instrument under the treble end of the bridge, spanning the space between the top and back plates and held in place by friction.

Can you play a cello without a Soundpost?

Thank you, thank you, thank you! You can not restring it without the soundpost. The treble foot of the bridge will collapse or break the soundboard.

Where should violin sound post?

The soundpost is typically located near the treble foot of the bridge: it transfers some of the stress applied by the treble foot to the back plate of the violin. In this typical set-up, the mechanical stiffnesses measured at the two feet are approximately equal.

What is a violin sound post made of?

The sound post is the dowel made of spruce that transfers the vibrations from the top of the instrument to the back. It is located inside the instrument, below the treble foot of the bridge. The sound post should never be adjusted by anyone other than a trained violin maker.

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