How do you remove a bass nut?

  1. Remove the strings. Trace around (score) every edge of the nut with an exacto knife to prevent lacquer sticking to the nut and the neck and chipping away.
  2. Restring the low E and G strings.
  3. When it is sticking out the side, pull it out in the same direction with a pair of pliers, like you would a tooth.

How do you remove a glued nut?

If the nut has been over glued, it may not budge using the tap method. In this case you can saw (with a small fine saw) along the length of the nut nearly all of the way through. Then break the nut out by gripping it with a pair of pliers, collapsing the nut into the saw cut.

When should I replace my bass nut?

You have officially installed a new nut on your bass. If you got ivory, bone, or metal, then you likely won’t have to replace the nut again for years. If you got something like plastic, wood, or graphite, however, then you might need to change the nut again a couple of years down the road.

How do you get Super Glue off a nut and bolt?

Grendel1979 Well-Known Member. If you are out of options and it truly is superglue, then I would use a drop of acetone (nail polish remover ) from a medecine dropper or pipet on top of the super glue to dissolve it. Use it sparingly and rinse the parts after to prevent damage to surrounding plastic.

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How do you remove a Telecaster nut?

Use a very sharp knife — I use an exacto-style knife and a fresh blade — to gently score along the edges of the nut. Gently is the right word here. At different times, Fender have sprayed a LOT of lacquer on their necks so you really have to be careful.

When should I replace my guitar nut?

Why & When Should You Replace or Adjust the Nut?

  1. The nut is too high.
  2. The nut is too low (the string grooves are too deep)
  3. The string grooves in the nut are too wide.
  4. The nut is broken.
  5. The guitar doesn’t sound so good anymore (often a plastic nut )

What guitar nut is best?

Graphite nuts are a popular choice for luthiers because they produce very little string friction, making them ideal for guitars with tremolo.

What is the nut on the bass?

A small, unassuming piece of material sitting at the base of a guitar or bass ‘ headstock and the top of the fretboard, the nut is critical to getting the best performance out of your instrument.

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