How do I add bass clef to Finale?

Finale Quick Tips: One-Click Mid-Measure Clef Changes

  1. Select the Clef Tool.
  2. Hold down the number 4 then left-click where you want to place the bass clef in the measure.

How do I add a clef in Finale?

  1. Click the Clef Tool.
  2. Highlight a measure region that begins where you would like to place the clef change. See Selecting Music.
  3. Double-click the highlighted region (or press Enter). The Change Clef dialog box appears.
  4. Choose the new clef and click OK.

How do you hide the bass clef in Finale?

To remove bass clef in piano part: Staff tool—Staff menu—Group and Bracket—Edit—( Hiding empty stave)— Hide Normally—Right click stave handle box— Hide empty staves This was quite a puzzle. I am working with Finale 2012. Be encouraged.

How do you add a bass staff in Finale?

  1. Click the Staff Tool.. The Staff menu appears and handles appear on every staff.
  2. To add a new staff, from the Staff menu choose New Staves, then click OK. A staff appears below the existing staves. Or, in Scroll View double-click in the where you want to add the staff.
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Where is the clef tool in Finale?

Press shift and a number key or a letter. Finale displays the Clef Selection dialog box; choose the clef you want to correspond to the number or letter you pressed. Click OK (or press RETURN). Click the Clef tool.

How do you select partial measures in Finale?

Selecting measures

  1. Selecting a full measure – Click on the staff lines (without clicking on a note) to select a full measure.
  2. Selecting a partial measure or measure region – Click outside and above the staff and drag diagonally across any measure region ( partial or whole measures ) to select a measure region.

What is a tenor clef?

The tenor clef is another type of “C clef,” however it’s center is on the fourth line from the bottom, so middle C is moved up a third from where it was on the alto clef. Another less common clef, it is used for the upper ranges of the bassoon, cello, euphonium, double bass, and trombone.

How do I delete a treble clef in Finale?

To delete the selected staves and reposition any remaining staves, choose Staff > Delete Staves and Reposition. Finale deletes the selected staves, and places the top staff of the remaining staves in the former position of the top staff that was deleted, followed by any other staves.

How do you hide rests in finale?

To hide a note or rest (Simple Entry)

  1. Choose the Simple Entry tool, and CTRL+ click the note you would like to hide. Or, simply make sure the note you would like to hide is selected (notes are automatically selected immediately after entry).
  2. Press the letter H key. To show the note or rest again, press H again.
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Does Finale Notepad have HyperScribe?

So far, you’ve explored ways of entering music into Finale note-by-note. One of Finale’s most useful features, however, is its ability to record and transcribe a live performance in real time. To do this you’ll be using the HyperScribe Tool, which notates your performance almost as fast as you can play it.

How do Layers work in finale?

Layers can be selected from the View menu or by selecting the buttons in the lower left hand corner of the screen or by using the keyboard shortcuts (listed in the View menu). Layers can be identified by note color. Always use layers 1 and 2 first when notating multiple voices. Use layer 1 for the higher voice.

How do I hide empty bars?

  1. Click the Staff tool..
  2. Select the empty staves you want to hide. You can either highlight the staff handle(s), or select at least one measure of the staff in systems you want to affect.
  3. Choose Staff > Hide Empty Staves.
  4. Repeat the process for other staves /systems as needed.

How do you Uncollapse staff finale?

  1. Click the Staff tool.
  2. Choose Staff > Edit Staff Attributes.
  3. Click to deselect Force Hide Staff in the Staff Attributes dialog box.
  4. Use the arrow controls to choose another hidden staff and deselect Hide Staff to display the staff in the score.
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