What kind of oil do you use for a fingerboard?

If your fingerboard is free of gunk, all you need to do is oil it. Buy a bottle of mineral oil at the grocery store. With all the strings off the tuners and stuffed into the sound hole, apply some oil on a folded paper towel and wipe it on the face of the fingerboard. It’s fine to wipe it on the frets.

How often should you change double bass strings?

You don’t want any nasties affecting you or your instrument. For the double bassists: You can breathe easily: your strings don’t need replacing nearly as often as your counterparts do. Some string manufacturers recommend every 1-2 years, but there are bassists out there that swear to changing every 4-5 years.

Should you oil your fretboard?

To keep your guitar in excellent condition for the rest of its life, remember to wipe down your neck and fretboard after every session, and remember to oil your fretboard (if it is unvarnished) every six months.

Can you use wd40 to clean guitar strings?

Do not use WD-40 to clean your guitar strings. WD-40 can ruin the finish of your fretboard. If you want to use an oil to clean your fretboard, use lemon oil (unless you have a maple neck).

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Can you oil fretboard with strings on?

With the strings on, you can apply oil to the fretboard and wipe off but it doesn’t clean as effective. I occasionally use Ernie Ball Fretboard Conditioner on my guitars and then wipe off, or apply some Lemon Oil to a cloth and wipe on to the fretboard underneath the strings.

How do you sanitize a bass guitar?

You need to clean the body of your bass very carefully. You can polish the finish with a clean cloth (such as an old sweat shirt), but use guitar polish (available in a spray bottle at any music store) instead of furniture polish. Apply a squirt or two to the cloth and work it into the fabric.

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